Is This New Device Really Better Than Sleeping Pills?

We tested Dodow to understand if it really get you fall asleep in 8 minutes


Review of: Dodow

Use: Fall Asleep Faster & Sleep Better


Really effective with all the common sleep disorders. It helps even if you suffer from chronic insomnia.

Ease of use

Just touch its surface to switch it on and Dodow will turns off by itself once the cycle is finished. More than easy.


Absolutely great value for money. Sleeping pills, Yoga & Meditation and any other kind of therapy are way more expensive.


Above average with great knowledge base.

Summary: Dodow is an absolute game changer for anyone in need of better sleep. It's a little round device that’s smaller than most drink coasters. You put it on your nightstand and it projects a soft blue light-metronome onto your ceiling. You then focus on and breathe along with the light as it fades in and out.

It’s a sleep relaxation aid that takes you from 11 to 6 breaths per minute, which steadies your heart rate and lulls you to sleep fast. It has been invented in Europe by three guys, two of which were former insomniacs who had not been able to find simple, safe and drug-free solutions to their sleep problems. Dodow is like a personal meditation coach.

According to last statistics, it has already helped over 150,000 people to sleep faster and better, and if you suffer of any kind of sleep disorders, Dodow can really help you in a 100% safe and natural way.

It didn't get 5 stars on effectiveness, just because isn't proved that works with 100% of people, but is definitely very effective.

We Like
  • Compact and portable
  • Simple but really effective
  • Easy to use
  • 100% natural and without side effects
We Don't Like
  • It comes with normal AAA batteries. It would be nice to have rechargeable batteries instead.

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I’m a lucky guy, because I normally fall asleep pretty fast, but there are weeks where the stress goes up. In these periods instead of falling asleep in 10-15 minutes, I can stay in bed also more than half an hour, before being able to pull away all my thoughts and finally fall asleep.
This is a fairly common problem, that arise very often from the tight schedule we have to bear with, between work, family and the others daily stuff.

Unfortunately, there’re many people suffering of different sleep diseases, that can bring to very difficult situations, where people can’t sleep more than a few hours per night. Here below the results of a recent survey.

Sleep Disorder Statistics.

  • 50-70 million US adults have a sleep disorder
  • 48.0% report snoring
  • 37.9% report unintentionally falling asleep during the day at least once in the preceding month
  • 4.7% report nodding off or falling asleep while driving at least once in the preceding month
  • Drowsy driving is responsible for 1,550 fatalities and 40,000 nonfatal injuries annually in the United States
  • Insomnia is the most common specific sleep disorder, with short term issues reported by about 30% of adults and chronic insomnia by 10%
  • 25 Million U.S. adults have obstructive sleep apnea
  • 9-21% of women have obstructive sleep apnea
  • 24-31% of men have obstructive sleep apnea
  • 3–5% of the overall proportion of obesity in adults could be attributable to short sleep

My brother Mark, is one of those.

He has been suffering from Insomnia for the last 10 years and being pretty young (he is now 40), he didn’t want to start taking sleeping pills right away. He did start trying different courses of Yoga & Meditation, from which he got also good results, but he couldn’t rely on these methods every time he was trying to fall asleep.

He then tried several Homeopathic medicines, but they didn’t work out well, probably because he was skeptic from the beginning, therefore he couldn’t take any advantage from the “placebo effect”.

He finally went for sleeping pills, and these works, however he doesn’t really like to take them very often, because like for any other drug, the continued use decreases its efficacy and can be dangerous for our health. Recent studies show that long term negative effects of sleeping pills can be felt even with intake as low as 18 pills a year.

Which Is the Solution?

One month ago, I was discussing with a colleague about sleep problems, and he mentioned this new device called Dodow, that promise to let people with sleep diseases, fall asleep 3 times faster than normal.
A quick research on the web, gave me a lot of positive insights, therefore I immediately reached out the guys from LIVLAB (the producer of Dodow) asking if we can get one for testing purposes, and they have been so kind to send us 2 brand new Dodow.

Since we got two, I gave one to my brother Mark, I brought home the other one, and we started our two weeks test.

What Is Dodow?

It is a nice and well-designed circular device about 3.5” in diameter and 1” thick. It has a touch sensitive surface with 3 small holes disposed in a triangular shape, from which a blue Halo light is projected onto the ceiling of your room. At the bottom a gray rubbered anti-slipper lid, hides the battery compartment.

Dodow comes in an elegant square box, along with 3 AAA batteries and a booklet, where it’s explained not only how to operate the device, but also the principle on which it has been engineered.

Dodow's Package

Dodow's Package

Testing Dodow.

My Test.

Day 1. I launched Dodow in the 8 minutes mode and tried to synchronize my breathing with the Halo light projected by Dodow, but I did not manage to slow it down to its frequency. I didn’t fall asleep within the 8 minutes. Reading the manual, I found out this is pretty normal.

Day 2. I tried again the 8 minutes mode and managed to synchronize my breathing with Dodow. I felt soothed but not enough because I thought of several things at the same time as my usual, but the effect began to be felt. Again, I didn’t manage to fall asleep within the 8 minutes.

Day 3. I went for the 20 minutes mode, and after about 10 minutes, I felt drowsy and my thoughts started to fade away. I was sleeping before the end of the 20 minutes cycle.

Days 4 to 10. I continued to use the 20 minutes mode, and always managed to fall asleep before Dodow turned off.

After the first week of usage I started to feel I was sleeping better, because every morning I was more relaxed and ready to start my day.

Day 11. I tried the 8 minutes mode, and with my surprise I did not remember seeing Dodow go out!

Days 12 to 14. I wanted to see if the result of day 11 wasn’t a random event, then I tested again the 8 minutes mode. Both nights I fell asleep within the 8 minutes.

Mark's Test.

Day 1. Considering his problems, he decided to start with the 20 minutes mode. His past experiences with Yoga and Meditation allowed him to synchronize with the Halo light, within 5 minutes, but he didn’t manage to fall asleep within the 20 minutes.

Days 2 and 3. He tried again the 20 minutes mode, getting slightly better results of day 1. No sleep before Dodow turned off, but he felt way more relaxed.

Day 4. He went for a new strategy: 8 minutes + 20 minutes. The following morning called me very excited, saying he fell asleep before the end of the 20 minutes cycle.

Days 5 to 10. He continued with the strategy of day 4, managing to fall asleep before the 20 minutes cycle in days 6, 9 and 10.

Days 11 to 14. Glad for the results of the last days he decided to go back to the 20 minutes mode. It didn’t work for day 11, but on days 12, 13 and 14 he did fall asleep before the end of the 20 minutes cycle.

Dodow allows me to fall asleep almost every night and given my situation is really impressive. Even when I wake up during the night, I can fall asleep with the 8 minutes cycle. Really impressive.

We carried the test out on two totally different subjects (Mark and I), and I’ve to say that despite the initial skepticism, Dodow works pretty well. My brother Mark has been very impressed and happy to have finally find a natural solution to his insomnia. He didn’t resolve his problem totally, but he can fall asleep without taking his sleeping pills.



How Does It Works?

In order to explain correctly the principles on which Dodow has been engineered, I should go into a lot of scientific details, but it would become too difficult for many of us. I’ll then explain these principles in the easiest possible way, and for those looking for more scientific insights, I’ll list reference articles at the end of this review.

Dodow combines meditation (concentration on breathing), yoga (slow breathing and focusing on abdominal breathing), and Behavourial cognitive therapy (paradoxical intention) to allow the user to sleep better and to regain confidence in his/her ability to sleep. Its aim to work quickly, effectively and naturally to counteract the effects of stress which are detrimental to sleep.

It’s very easy to use, just tap once on its surface to start the 8 minutes cycle or tap twice to start the 20 minutes one.
Dodow will then start projecting its circular Halo of light that will expand and shrink at a given rhythm.
All you have to do is synchronize you abdominal breathing with Dodow rhythm, inspiring when the circle expands and expiring when it shrinks. Once your abdominal breathing is synchronized with Dodow, you’ll be starting to feel more and more relaxed and finally fall asleep.

Dodow's Instructions

Dodow's Instructions

Who Dodow Is For?

Dodow is the perfect solution for whoever suffer of any sleep disorder.
If you tried already other remedies like, yoga, meditation, homeopathy and traditional medicine, and you’re not happy with your life, Dodow is definitely worth a try.

What People Think Of Dodow?

Behind Dodow there're many scientific researches and here what a well known Sleep Scientist think about it.

Dr. Neil Stanley
Independent Sleep Scientist

You need three things to get to sleep: a bedroom that’s designed for sleep, a relaxed body and a quiet mind. The quiet mind is key.
Some people will quite naturally practice meditation, or mindfulness, which helps achieve that. Others listen to music, and some may benefit from a light such as this to help them breathe slowly.
This gadget is a great aid for people who don’t sleep well because they don’t wind down.

The web is full of positive reviews, and of course there are also some not so positive, but all in all we can say the majority is definitely positive. This kind of devices can't be effective with 100% of the people affected from sleep disorders, hence it's natural to find some negative reviews. Here below a few reviews that make some more light on Dodow.

R. J. Franco

It works for its intended purpose. Made me a normal sleeper again.

This device has helped me fall asleep every night. Nowadays I don't even use it regularly anymore and I now only use it ocassionally whenever I'm feeling a bit anxious or stressed out. You have to understand how this device works so you could appreciate it.

1. It will not put you to sleep. It brings you to a relaxed state, where the body is ready to sleep. Then after the session you go to sleep. I see reviews asking "how will that put me to sleep when my eyes are wide open?" or "I'm a side sleeper I can't see the light on the ceiling." Folks you are misunderstanding how the product is supposed to work.

2. This device has nothing to do with Circadian rhythms. I see a lot of people comment that the blue light is bad for sleep. But this device does not target the Circadian component of sleep. This is a relaxation device. If your sleep issue is due to stress/anxiety then this device will help you a lot. If your sleep issue is because of DSPD or some other disorder then it may not help you at all. My sleep issues were caused by anxiety and I was unable to relax, so this device worked for me.

Leila M.

Believe it or not, this actually works!! ...

Believe it or not, this actually works!!! I'm falling asleep in no time and STAYING asleep, which has always been an issue for me.

Robin Dixon


I wanted to give this a few days to make sure it wasn't a fluke. I have been a long time insomniac. I have taken any kind of sleeping drug, every OTC sleeping aid they make, nothing has worked except one well known drug, which I've taken every night, for the past 7 years.
I spent a few weeks lowering my dosage, cutting caffeine after 3 pm, not drinking liquids after 8 pm. My first night without sleeping drugs was not good. Desperate, I found and purchased the Dodow.
You have to really read the instructions and focus on the directions. I'm on the 5th night of using the Dodow and have yet to make it past the 8 minute cycle. I wake several times a night still but every time I've fallen asleep quicker and quicker.
This works, incredibly, but you HAVE to help it help you!


If you have tried everything for sleep, and nothing works, give this a try!

This little device works! Almost seems counterintuitive, but keeping your eyes open and breathing with this little light puts me to sleep every time!

Krista Coleman

I am happy I did because it has helped with the situation ...

Lately I have had issues with waking up in the middle of night and not being able to go back to sleep. After reading the reviews I decided to try using the Dodow. I am happy I did because it has helped with the situation a lot. I still wake up but with the help of the Dodow I am able to go back to sleep. I was a little hesitant about using it because I thought the light might wake up my husband but it doesn't. He actually has no idea which nights have use it to go back to sleep and when I haven't. I am very happy I purchased the Dodow.

Which Are the Alternatives?

Well, there aren’t actually any comparable alternatives: Dodow is the only device of its kind.
Other alternatives are the ones that everybody know, and here below you can find a comparative table.


Dodow looks like a simple relaxation technique, why should I need it?

Why Dodow uses a Blue light?

Can Dodow help with jet lag?

Is Dodow suitable for children?

Will Dodow disturb the person laying next to me?



Ease of use



Final Verdict

As I said there aren't comparable alternatives to Dodow.

Dodow is definitely a great device that can help whoever suffer from sleep diseases, to get back some good sleep, hence a better life. 

It's very user friendly and easily portable, so you can bring it with you wherever you go. When you buy Dodow, you receive also your unique key to access the private Sleeping Platform in the Dodow website, where you'll find a lot of advices for a better sleep.

If you're not sure yet, you can also give it a shot for 30 days and if it isn't the right thing for you, send it back for a full refund (be sure to do it within 30 days).

Just click on the link bellow to get your Dodow.


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