How to Clean Your Glasses In A Better Way

We tested Peeps from CarbonKlean to understand if it really cleans your glasses as nothing else does


Review of: Peeps from CarbonKlean

Use: Clean glasses perfectly and safely


It get the job done very well. We couldn't expect any better. Its cleaning power last over 500 times.

Ease of use

In 2 easy steps you can clean your glasses as never before.


Glasses are expensive therefore the price is totally worth to clean and protect your glasses in the better way.


Small and compact, so you can carry Peeps anywhere. It's not affected from heat, humidity or cold, so it works anywhere.

Summary: Peeps is a small and compact eyeglasses cleaning tool that works in any condition (heat, humidity and cold). Its cleaning power, comes from a revolutionary Carbon Molecular Technology, that as far as we know, is the only cleaning technology used on the International Space Station. It's a completely all natural and eco-friendly product.

We carried the test out on several different eyeglasses and sunglasses, and the results have been better than what we expected.

To be honest I didn't plan to write a review for this kind of product, but when we learnt which was the technology behind it, I decided to give it a try, and considering the great results I had to write this review.

Peeps have sold over 1.5 million units in the USA, and this kind of success doesn't happen by chance.

We Like
  • The revolutionary technology behind it 
  • The cleaning power
  • The ease of use
  • The value for money
We Don't Like
  • Honestly it's hard to find something we don't like. We can only say that's probably more suited for women, but I'm a guy and I really like the black version.

From $19.99 and additional quantity discounts up to 50% Off + Free Shipping (USA Only)

Did you know that 64% of the USA population wear eyeglasses? If we consider all the developed countries around the world, the last estimations says that about 1.5 billion people wear eyeglasses, so there are good chances you're wearing them too.

I wear eyeglasses since I was 16 years old, therefore I know very well how hard it is, to keep my glasses clean and without any scratch.

During all these years, I've tried any kind of product, including those that are considered more effective, like Lens Cleaning Wipes and Lens Cleaning Sprays (with Microfiber Cloth), but I always ended up to stop using them, because they aren't practical and easy to carry.

Since then, I usually clean my glasses with a microfiber cloth that I can easily carry with me, but when they get full of smudges, the only way to get them clean, is an old remedy that I've learnt from my grandmother: hot water and some drops of dish soap. This remedy is very effective, but unfortunately it can damage permanently lenses with Anti-Reflective Coating.

My wife wears eyeglasses too, and while I'm pretty good in keeping mine in a decent cleaning condition, she isn't that good. She spend much more time at home with our kids than I do, and I know they love to play with her glasses imitating mom and dad, with the result her glasses get full of finger smudges practically every day. Lens Cleaning Wipes and Microfiber cloth are her preferred cleaning ways.

A quick survey here inside Tech Periscope reveals, each of us has his/her favourite cleaning system. Normally is the one that best fits our own needs or habits, but almost everyone said they are not totally happy with the results and functionality of their chosen system.

When I clean my glasses, I want to get the best possible result, but at the same time be sure that my lenses don't get damaged in any way, especially the AR coating, so I had to tweak my grandmother's remedy, lowering the water temperature. In this way I protect the AR coating, but the glasses doesn't get as clean as with hot water, so it's just a trade-off that doesn't really satisfy me.

As I said, I didn't plan to write this review, but being sensible to the "glasses cleaning problem" and after knowing the technology behind Peeps, I've decided to make some tests and see if it really cleans your glasses as nothing else does.

Who Peeps Is For?

About 1.5 billion people of the developed world, wear eyeglasses. If we add those that wear sunglasses, this number gets way much bigger, and Peeps is for anyone wearing glasses.

If you're looking for a way to perfectly clean your glasses, being safe you're not damaging your lenses, Peeps is the right answer.

What Is Peeps?

Peeps is a small revolutionary lens cleaning product, that uses Carbon Molecular Technology, the only cleaning technology, used on the International Space Station from all NASA astronauts.

The advanced carbon microfiber pads thoroughly clean the entire surface of your lenses and softly remove nasty dirt and dust, at a microscopic level, leaving your lenses stunningly clear. Even better, the Carbon Molecular Technology also repels dirt and oil, protecting your glasses.

Peeps Package

How Does It Works?

The idea behind Peeps is pretty simple, but is the way the Carbon Molecular Technology has been implemented and packed in this compact glasses cleaner, that makes the difference.

The first time I held Peeps on my hands and looked at it carefully, I thought:

Wow, it has been really designed and engineered to make the cleaning process as smooth as possible, and to clean your lenses in the best possible way.

If you look carefully at the picture above here, you can see that each component of Peeps, has been designed aiming at maximum functionality and ergonomics, but keeping a nice overall aesthetics.

Let's analyze probably the most important part of Peeps, the Carbon Microfiber Pads. They are not round as most likely everyone would have designed them. They have been designed with a "rounded triangular" shape because only in this way is possible to clean the lens till the edges, no matter which shape the frame is.

The carrying case, isn't only a safe and practical holder, but it's an important part of the Carbon Molecular Technology. Every time you stow your Peeps inside the case, you recharge the two Carbon Microfiber Pads. This is possible thank to a process initiated during their sliding movement, from the friction between them and a special surface inside the case. You recharge Peeps also every time you pull them out from the case.

Ok, I think I've gone probably already too deep in the technical analysis, but given the amount of technology inside Peeps, I couldn't just give a very basic description of them.

The Carbon Molecular Technology is the foundation of Peeps' cleaning process, however in order to avoid any possible scratch, even the tiniest ones, we first need to remove all the dust from the surface of our lenses, then proceed cleaning the lenses.

The cleaning process with Peeps, is carried out with two easy steps:

  • Pull-out the built in scratch-resistant brush, and remove all dust, dirt and abrasive particles
  • Use the carbon microfiber pads, to sandwich the lens and clean it on both sides

Peeps Cleaning Parts

As you saw above, cleaning your glasses with Peeps is pretty easy, and you don't need any other product beside it.

You can easily carry Peeps in your bag or in your pockets and clean your glasses wherever you are, no matter if you are in a hot, cold or very humid place, Peeps works everywhere.

Here below you can see how Peeps works.

What People Think Of Peeps?

Peeps is trusted by over 12,500 optometrists worldwide, so which better review could we find if not from a well known NY optometrist?

Dr. Jade Gormady, OD
Optometrist, NY - American Optometric Association

We picked up some of these at Vision Expo. I struggle to get all the smudges and streaks off of my glasses all the time due to the antireflective coat. My husband and I half-jokingly fight over who is going to clean them. I was pretty skeptical of this, but I gave it a whirl and wow! This is possibly the cleanest my glasses have ever been (and easiest cleaning I've ever had). I’m going to have to pick some more of these up for my personal use, as well as for my other opticals.

Here below you can find some of the most recent reviews taken from the web, so you can judge what others are saying about Peeps.



This item is the bomb. Bought them for several family members as stocking stuffers at Christmas. The reviews were so great I just bought myself one. The integrated brush allows you to clean surface grit and dust before you clean the lens, avoiding scratching. The cleaner is simple and easy to use and cleans like crazy. Small enough to carry in a handbag. I'm going to get two more sets for each of our cars. Love them!

Eireann Benson

and it works better than those pre-moistened wipes that leave dust on the ...

It just came in the mail today, I used it, and it works better than those pre-moistened wipes that leave dust on the lenses. I like those dual cleaning tips that clean both sides of the lens at the same time. I highly recommend it!


Best eyeglass cleaner

Peeps work just like they say they will. I've never used an eyeglass cleaner that works better. Far superior to spray cleaners or special cloths. Easy, convenient, compact.


These eyeglass cleaners work great! I don't like wet lens wipes because they ...

These eyeglass cleaners work great! I don't like wet lens wipes because they leave steaks, and microfiber cloths can leave smears. This tool is perfect! Definitely make sure you use the retractable brush FIRST to remove dust or dirt that could cause scratches!


Something better than advertised

Finally, something better than advertised. I spend a lot of money on my glasses and sunglasses and was hesitant to use this product worried it might scratch or not work like I need. I was wrong to be concerned as Peeps are great. I just got back from two weeks of travel in Asia and kept mine in my pocket the whole time. No need for spray and special clothes, just my peeps.

John L

Over hyped?

I thought something of this nature would do a better job. It cleans well and the cleaning seems to last longer than using just a lens wipe.

Which Are the Alternatives?

There's nothing on the market comparable to Peeps.

Peeps is unique for its technology, for how it works as well as for the way has been packed.

If you don't want to go for Peeps, you've to stay with the usual systems we discussed above, like Lens Cleaning Wipes, Lens Cleaning Sprays and Microfiber, but please stay away from shirts and tissue paper!

As far as price is concerned, I think Peeps has a great value for money, and it can be pretty cheap if you buy more than one. Here below you can get an idea of what I'm talking about.

  • $19.99 if you buy 1 piece
  • $39.98 if you buy 3 pieces - $13.33 each
  • $59.97 if you buy 5 pieces - $11.99 each
  • $79.96 if you buy 8 pieces - $9.99 each

I've personally got the 3 pieces option, so I have one always with me, one in my car and one for my wife. The 5 pieces option is going to be a great deal, if you have a big family and/or if you plan to make some gift.

Lastly, I'd like to mention Peeps comes in 5 different colours, Black, Blue, Green, Pink and Purple and I think you'll be able to find the one that best fits your style.


Does it works with both eyeglasses and sunglasses?

Carbon Molecular Technology - What is it?

Is Peeps safe for all lenses and A/R coatings?

How long does 1 Peeps last?



Ease of use



Final Verdict

Peeps is really a well designed and engineered glasses cleaning tool, with a lot of technology inside.

In our tests it proven to bring the cleaning process to the next level, in terms of effectiveness, functionality and last but not least, ease of use.

If you clean your glasses following the 2 steps I listed above, you'll get the cleanest glasses ever.

I've also tested Peeps with a pair of glasses where we really touched its lenses till the surface was totally covered with greasy fingerprints, and in this case Peeps didn't manage to clean the lenses perfectly, but still in a very good way. This was an extreme test, that I don't think is going to happen in your daily use, however this is the reason for which I rated the Effectiveness with 4.5 stars out of 5.

As I said there's nothing similar to Peeps on the market, so if you don't want to go for Peeps, you've to stay with the known systems like Lens Cleaning Wipes, Lens Cleaning Sprays and Microfiber.

I think Peeps is definitely a great glasses cleaning tool, and the most advanced on the market, that will make your life with glasses much easier.

Just click on the link bellow to get your Peeps.


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