New Snap Spectacles to Hit Market Soon.

It’s Looks Like 2nd Generation of Snapchat’s Overhyped Spectacles Are Going To Hit Market Very Soon.

As first spotted by Variety, on April 10 the FCC published a filing by Snap Inc. for a “wearable video camera” with “Spectacles” branding and “Model 002” printed on the packing label.
Although the paperwork has been obscured for confidentiality purposes, it lists a new Wi-Fi standard, moving up to 802.11ac which will support faster file transfers in the 5GHz band, and Bluetooth 4.2 (BLE).


Snap's Spectacle Model 002 Packaging Label

Snap's Spectacle Model 002 Packaging Label

Cheddar recently reported that Snapchat was working on two new Spectacles versions: a 2nd generation model for 2018 with improved performance, bug fixes and new design, and a 3rd generation wearable for 2019 with two cameras and GPS. The FCC filing seems to indicate we’re looking at the 2nd generation model.

The paperwork also reveals a relocated FCC ID Electronic label linked to the Snapchat App. This suggest the new Spectacles will have a new design (and hopefully a better one and perhaps with an aluminum frame as reported by Cheddar) not limited from the FCC label on the temples, as the 1st generation was.

1st Generation Spectacles CloseUp

1st Generation Spectacles CloseUp

Snap launched the 1st generation Spectacles on 2016 with a very successful marketing campaign that resulted in long lines, wrapping around happy yellow vending machines, and sellers of the grey market demanding much more of the $130 suggested retail price. Despite this huge initial success, Snap Inc. CFO revealed the company had to write off close to $40 million in unsold inventory.

Finding a product on FCC’s database doesn’t guarantee is going to hit the market, but it’s a pretty evident sign that Snap Inc. doesn't appear to be giving up to on the hardware market, and we're happy to see companies invest more and more on tech gadgets.

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