Horizon Robotics’ New Smart Camera Will Boost Public Security.

Its New smart security camera uses AI for Deep facial recognition

Horizon Robotics Inc, a Chinese startup backed by chip giant Intel Corp, has unveiled two artificial intelligence-tailored processors to power intelligent driving vehicles and image recognition-enabled smart cameras.


Horizon Robotics' facial recognition technology has been already implemented, in some of Beijing’s busiest subway stations, and they are now betting heavily on embedded AI as the future of facial recognition and Self-Driving Vehicles.

Founder of Horizon Robotics, Dr. Yu Kai, has recently declared.

Horizon’s chips cost 10 times less than laser-based systems which are built into many self-driving vehicles. They also avoid high consumptions both in terms of power and bandwidth, for cloud storage requirements of cloud-based AI services.
With our chips, which are already embedded with AI capacity, the devices can process what they see where they are, no need to send all the data back and wait for a results.

NYPD Security Cameras

NYPD Security Cameras

As reported by Digital Trends, Horizon Robotics launched a new HD smart camera that boasts serious Artificial Intelligence capabilities, that according to the company, can identify faces with an accuracy of up to 99.7 percent. That’s probably better than most humans. The company also claims the new HR-IPC2143 smart camera, is the first of its kind with applications in public security for the real-time detection of potential suspects.

This smart camera is a reflection of Horizon Robotics’ mission — to provide high-performance, low-power, and low-cost products utilizing cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence technology,” said Dr. Yu Kai. Other companies can only deliver a portion of the equation, but we are able to integrate all of them and create a complete business solution.

The system architecture (algorithm + chip + cloud) behind this camera, allow to quickly turn raw video data into still frames, with multi-target location detection, multi-target recognition, and pedestrian attribute classification. It also allows the camera to detect, track, and identify up to 200 objects simultaneously, all in a single frame.
The HR-IPC2143 has some pretty impressive surveillance capabilities, as it can recognize faces even in crowded environments, like packed hallways, entries and exits, and large events.

The Key for the camera’s success is the “Sunrise” embedded AI computer vision processor, which boasts the Brain Processing Unit (BPU) architecture. This proprietary AI processor architecture claims to combine AI algorithms with hardware design, and allows the relatively small camera to still perform at its peak.

Compared with previous smart cameras, the ability to capture and identify images simultaneously is a major breakthrough in the field of embedded AI in security and commercial applications.

​​​​Horizon Robotics’ efforts are part of China's broad push to build world-class AI processor companies that can rival with Silicon Valley's Giants in the future. The country spends more than $200 billion importing processors every year, more than the amount spent on crude oil.

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