Does FIXD Really Help You To Understand What's Going On With Your Car?

According to our test, FIXD really works and allow also to save several bucks on repairs and maintenance.


Review of: FIXD

Use: Understand your car's engine lights and much more


Easy to understand engine diagnostic, maintenance reminders and cost estimations. What to ask more?

Ease of use

Your car's diagnostic at your fingertips, with a very easy to use App.


Considering how much you can save on repairs and maintenance, it's a real steal.


Great answers and responsiveness.

Summary: FIXD is an easy to use engine diagnostic system. It comes in the form of a small sensor that you plug in the OBD2 (On Board Diagnostic 2) port of your car, and the FIXD App available for both Android and iOS devices.

FIXD works with any gasoline-powered vehicle (including hybrids) sold in the United States during or after 1996, and it's compatible with both gas and diesel vehicles sold outside of the United States that are 2006 and newer.

The FIXD App translate any engine alert in plain English, so you can understand what's going on with your car. It also give you a clear picture of your car's maintenance timeline, sending you reminders in the form of push notifications. Last but not least, it give you a cost estimation for every repair as well as for every maintenance.

FIXD is for us the best way to understand your car's engine lights and keep under control the life of your car. Giving you a clear cost estimation of each repair and maintenance, it allow you to avoid being cheated from mechanics and save several bucks.

We Like
  • The clear and user-friendly interface
  • The engine messages are really made simple
  • The accurate cost estimations and the ability to show links for local mechanics
  • The maintenance timeline with the push notifications, is really a plus
We Don't Like
  • It doesn't show the Vehicle Identification Number of your car, but at the end this isn't really that important

From $59.00 and additional quantity discounts up to 34% Off + Free Shipping (USA Only)

Did you ever get the check engine light on your car, and didn't know what to do?

I think everybody got it more than once, and in these cases the only solution is to bring the car to a mechanic and ask to check what's the problem. I personally got it with every car I owned, and every time on the way to the mechanic, I asked myself:

What's the problem? How much is going to cost me?

Does this sounds familiar?

How many times did you bring your car to a mechanic thinking you were most probably going to be ripped off?

When I bring my car to a mechanic I feel I'm entering in a grey zone where everything can happen. This feeling is even stronger in those new modern workshops, where you're normally asked to sit in the waiting room, while the mechanics check what's wrong with your car. In some of them they even offer you a drink, in order to let you relax and feel comfortable, but this worry me even further.

Now, don't get me wrong, not all mechanics are crooks. I know several that are very good and reliable, but unfortunately many others aren't so. They always try to take advantages from the fact the average customer doesn't have any clue regarding how an engine works, and the situation gets even worse when the customers are women.

Check Engine Light

Let's look into a practical example.

You wouldn’t think a gas cap would be that important, but it is. When it’s loose, cracked or faulty, fuel vapours leak out and can cause the whole fuel system to go off, thus you get the check engine light.

Imagine you're in the above situation, and you bring the car to a honest mechanic. He will let you sit in the waiting room enjoying a drink, then bring the car inside the workshop, plug its diagnostic system in, and discover the problem is simply a faulty gas cap. He will come back to you saying what the real problem was, asking you to pay $3 for the gas cap, plus $7 for the time, so totally $10. Wouldn't you be happy with the service? I would definitely be.

Imagine now the same situation with a dishonest mechanic. He can come back to you saying whatever he wants, like for example there's a malfunction in your fuel injection system, and he will need to replace the fuel injection control unit, for a total cost of $100 ($60 for the unit + $40 for labour cost), what would you do? Most probably I wouldn't be so happy, but I would say him to proceed with the work.

This is a simple example, where I've actually been pretty moderate, because in such situations, crooks can even make bigger assumptions and requests, but in either way, we can't have the possibility to check if what they say it the truth.

I honestly think my knowledge on cars and engines is above the average, and while I feel comfortable to work on old school engines, I can't dig into modern ones, where everything is demanded to electronics, also because I don't have the proper tools. I'm talking about those very expensive diagnostic tools, used by all professional mechanics in their day to day work.

Mechanics' Diagnostic Tool

Luckily today's consumer technology can help us.

In 2014 a group of four engineering students from Georgia Tech, got the idea to develop a system able to translate engines error codes into easy to understand messages. The first versions of their product weren't so user friendly but after several updates, they got it done the right way, and they also packed their system with other very useful stuff.

This product is called FIXD, and we've tested it, to understand how it can really help us.

Who FIXD Is For?

FIXD is for anyone who own any gasoline-powered vehicle (including hybrids) sold in the United States during or after 1996, and it's compatible with both gas and diesel vehicles sold outside of the United States that are 2006 and newer.

In other words, if you own a car (not diesel) from 1996 or newer, FIXD is for you.

Giving the fact it doesn't only translate engine errors in easy to understand messages, but it also allow you to keep under control your car's maintenance timeline, it's a must have for those that normally forget the deadlines of their car's maintenance.

What Is FIXD?

As we said, FIXD is an easy to use engine diagnostic system. It comes in the form of a small sensor that you plug in the OBD2 (On Board Diagnostic 2) port of your car, and the FIXD App available for both Android and iOS devices.

FIXD Package and instructions

Once the sensor has been plugged in the OBD2 port, it practically act the same way the expensive diagnostic tools used by mechanics.

The FIXD App receives the engine alerts from the sensor and translate them in plain English, so you can understand what's going on with your car. 

How Does It Works?

First of all, let's go though the setup process.

  • Download the FIXD Free App from Apple Store or​​​​ Google Store
  • Launch the FIXD App, create an account and input the serial number of your FIXD sensor
  • Locate the OBD2 port on your car
  • Plug the FIXD sensor into the OBD2 port
  • Turn your car on and leave it run for at least 5 seconds
  • Be sure Bluetooth is active on your phone
  • Launch the FIXD app, that will pairs automatically with your phone, and tap to add a sensor
  • Once the FIXD app located the sensor, name it the way you prefer
  • Hit register and start Scanning

OBD2 Common Locations

Once the setup process is finished, we're ready to go, and we can start scanning our car to check its health.

The FIXD app is really well done and easy to navigate, with its 3 main sections.

1. Conditions

In this sections you've a quick picture of your car's health. It's very intuitive because you can have 3 status and each of them is highlighted with a colour very familiar to all of us. 

  • Green - No Problems Detected
  • Yellow - Minor Problems Detected - You can continue to drive, but better check asap
  • Red - Serious Problems Detected - Driving can be dangerous

FIXD Conditions Messages

2. Details

Once the scan is complete, you can go to the Details section, where you'll find more indications about the problems detected. If you've got a Green light, you'll see a thumb up icon saying you're good to goIn this sections you've a quick picture of your car's health. It's very intuitive because you can have 3 status and each of them is highlighted with a colour very familiar to all of us. 

  • If you got a Green light, you'll see a thumb up icon, saying you're good to go.
  • If you got a Yellow light, you'll see the list of the detected problems, with a clear description. You'll also see the possible consequences arising from each problem. Touching the arrow icon on the right of each problem, will open a new window with even a more detailed description of the problem.
  • Also in case you got a Red light, you will see the same details described for the Yellow light. 
Fixd Details Messages

Fixd Details Messages

3. Timeline

The Timeline section is in my opinion the coolest one. Here you can see a clear graphic overview of you car's maintenance schedule. The FIXD app tells you:

  • where you're now
  • which will be the next maintenance
  • what the next maintenance will be about

I'm sure you're thinking this is already great, but FIXD goes the extra-mile, and leveraging your GPS location, it tells you:

  • where you can buy your car's parts, showing the stores addresses and the prices of each part
  • which are the mechanics around you, allowing you to schedule your next maintenance with the one you prefer

There's no other app on the market that give you such a range of information, but there are still another 3 features, that I wanted to describe separately, because in my opinion they are a game-changer.

  • Cost Estimations - The FIXD app give you a cost estimation for each repair or maintenance, with a detailed and clear breakdown, where cost of parts is separated from the labour cost
  • Mobile Push Notifications - FIXD provides reminders for upcoming suggested maintenance and when a check engine light is detected. Tapping on the notifications will open the FIXD app and give additional insights
  • Multi-Vehicle Control - The FIXD App allows you to see the health and status of every car in the family from your app. Schedule a service for others when they are approaching maintenance intervals or need repair.

FIXD Timeline, Cars List & Maintenance Push Notifications

I really enjoyed play with the FIXD app. It's very responsive and a pleasure to browse. Both the graphics and text are clear and easy to read.  I would suggest to the FIXD developers to add a section where the user can store all the details of the car, so they are always handy.

Here below you can see short video of FIXD in action.

What People Think Of FIXD?

Adario Strange Editor

By connecting the FIXD device to your car's OBD-II (On Board Diagnostics-II) port, just underneath the steering wheel and then pairing it with your smartphone, you're immediately given vital diagnostic data that allows you to track your car's wellbeing.
Unlike so many other tracker devices, this one doesn't need to be constantly recharged.

Searching the web, I found many positive reviews, and as normal some negative too. Digging deeper I figured out most of the reviews under 4 stars, are for the old versions of FIXD, sold before 2017, and it's known older versions of FIXD didn't work as well as the current one. In any case the overall rating, so also considering the old versions of FIXD, of the main online platforms is 4.5 stars, that's really a good score. Here below a few of them.

Click Harder

Has it all covered

I love this app and I rarely say that about apps. No​​​​​t only does it allow me to track service on my car, my wife’s, and my daughter’s car (who never warns me about problems), it also has a log book for everything else. Gas, car washes, tolls, etc. Keeps track of everything on my cars so I no longer need to keep notebooks in each car. Really simple to connect once I found the port (which did take some work). Make sure you remember the number on the FIXD reader or you will have to remove it to get the number and then connect to your phone. My only concern is it falling out over time if I hit a bump or the connection gets loose.


​Backed it on Kickstarter and couldn't be happier!!!

I bought two of these OBDs during its Kickstarter campaign and I couldn't be happier with it. Yeah, sometimes making a Bluetooth connection between the app and device takes a couple tries, but I found the main reason was my phone was pairing with my car's Bluetooth and interfered with it making a seamless, one try connection. The OBD device and app have correctly diagnosed two problems with my car; a faulty mass air flow sensor, and a lean gas mixture that revealed a severely dry rotted and cracked air intake hose upon close inspection. A shop and mechanic would have charged me several hundred dollars for these two repairs that I only paid about $60 bucks in parts to fix myself. So, 4 stars from me for a simple and easy cost saving solution, which would have been a 5-star rating had the app been robust enough to pull recall information.

Rhonda Cowell

​Best thing I ever bought for peace of mind!

I just used this product and felt compelled to write a review. As the old saying goes "This is the best thing since sliced bread". The set up was so easy and the diagnostic results were easy to understand even through I no nothing about car engines. I wish I could give it a 10 star rating because I would then turn it all the way up to 11.
Please do yourself a flavor and get one!


Didn't connect at first...

Didn't connect at first, but after speaking with customer support, it was all sorted out. Works as described.


Get FIXD!!

This gadget worked perfect! Let me know exactly what was happening with my car and is great for scheduling Service!!


​Easy to use! Does it’s job like a $300 piece of equipment!

Nora Tyree

It really works

​I wasn't sure if I would be able to do this but it was so easy. My problem was my gas intake as Ford doesn't have a gas cap on this model. My gas intake warning had come on and then went off. The my check engine light would come on and go off. So now I know what it is so when I take it to a mechanic they can't cheat me.

We did also some interviews on the street and tested FIXD on the cars of some of the interviewed - check it out here below.

What Media Says About FIXD.

Here below the most recent reviews from known media channels.

Which Are the Alternatives?

In the last years, many ODBII readers have been introduced on the market, with prices up to $100. Out of all those available on the market, I think the only noteworthy one, is the Lemur BlueDriver Bluetooth Professional OBDII Scan Tool, that's a great diagnostic tool, but it lacks some of the great features of FIXD.

In my opinion, at the end none is comparable to FIXD, for the following reasons.

  • None of them, supports as much vehicles as FIXD
  • None of them, give you cost estimations
  • None of them, shows the maintenance timeline
  • None of them, send you push notification remainders
  • None of them, suggest parts stores and mechanics shops

As far as price is concerned, I think FIXD has a great value for money, and it can be even cheaper if you buy more than one. 

  • $59.00 if you buy 1 piece
  • $88.00 if you buy 2 pieces - $44.00 each
  • $118.00 if you buy 3 pieces - $39.34 each

Nowadays every family own at least 2 cars, therefore I would suggest to go with the 2 pcs. bundle, and get the best value for money.

Lastly, I'd like to mention FIXD has recently launched the FIXD Roadside Assistance, that's cheaper of AAA Roadside Assistance and gives more advantages. You can learn more about the FIXD Roadside Assistance here.

Thanks to the Multi-Vehicle Control, the Maintenance Timeline and the Push Notifications, you can always have under your control, all the vehicles of your entire family, hence be sure everyone is driving in safe conditions and at the same time save money on maintenance and repairs.


Will FIXD work with my vehicle

Which phones are compatible with FIXD?

Does my car need Bluetooth for FIXD to work?

Can I monitor more than one vehicle with my phone?



Ease of use



Final Verdict

As I said there are alternatives to FIXD, but none of them is actually comparable, because FIXD gives to the user much more informations than its rivals.

FIXD isn't only an OBD2 reader like all the others. It gives you a clear translation of your engine's error codes and it goes much further, giving you an easy way to monitor your car's life and save money on repairs and maintenance intervals.

I don't want to repeat myself, but I think is worth to mention here what in my opinion makes FIXD stand out from the crowd.

  • Maintenance Timeline
  • ​Cost Estimations for each repair and maintenance interval
  • Real Time suggestions, for nearby car parts stores and mechanics
  • Mobile Push Notifications
  • Multi-Vehicle Control

With all its features, FIXD brings the ODB2 readers to the next level.

It scores 4.8 out of 5 starts, just because I'm very picky, and in my opinion the setup process could be streamlined a little, but it's anyway very good, and the support team has been always available to help.

Just click on the link bellow to get your FIXD.


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