Apple Music Breaks the 40 million Subscribers Milestone and Gets a New Boss.

According to Statista, Apple Music has been growing way faster than Spotify. In fact in the past 6 months, Apple Music increased its subscribers of about 30% while Spotify only about 12%.
The 40 million worldwide subscribers, it’s an important milestone for Apple’s service, however Apple still has a long way to go, before reach the 70 million of Spotify’s paid subscribers.


Apple’s situation is way much better if we look at the US market only, where according to a recent report of The Wall Street Journal, Apple is growing its subscribers by 5 percent monthly, while Spotify’s growing rate is 2 percent. If Apple will keep this pace, it will top Spotify by this summer.

In order to keep and possibly boost further this growth, as first reported by Variety, Apple also announced the that long-time Apple executive Oliver Schusser will take over as Vice President of Apple Music and International Content. He'll report directly to Apple Senior Vice President Eddy Cue, who hired Schusser 14 years ago.

Schusser has previously worked on Apple’s services like the App Store, iTunes movies and TV, and iBooks, as well as managed several others projects outside the US. His knowledge of the markets outside the US, makes Schusser a perfect fit for managing the continued growth of Apple Music, particularly as the company looks to continue to expand the reach of the streaming service beyond the US.

Henry D'Amico

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