7 Incredibly Genius Father's Day Gifts.

Monday, October 26, 2020

The Must Have Products Going Viral Right Now – Over 10 Million Sold!

There are many cool gadgets on the market, but when it comes to choosing the perfect gift for our Dad, it's important to consider not only how cool a gadget is, but also how useful it will be.

This is a selection of 7 of the most innovative, most awesome and most useful products, that you can find now on the market. They are really perfect for a Father's Day Gift.

They are literally flying away from the shelves, so look what best fits your dad and check right away if still available!

1. Dodow - Fall Asleep Faster & Sleep Better

Dodow is an absolute game changer for anyone in need of better sleep. It's a little round device that’s smaller than most drink coasters. You put it on your nightstand and it projects a soft blue light-metronome onto your ceiling. You then focus on and breathe along with the light as it fades in and out.

It’s a sleep relaxation aid that takes you from 11 to 6 breaths per minute, which steadies your heart rate and lulls you to sleep fast. It has been invented in Europe by three guys, two of which were former insomniacs who had not been able to find simple, safe and drug-free solutions to their sleep problems. Dodow is like a personal meditation coach.

According to last statistics, it has already helped over 150,000 people to sleep faster and better, and if you suffer of any kind of sleep disorders, Dodow can really help you in a 100% safe and natural way.

Falling asleep has never been that easy. Be ready to sleep like a baby!


Really effective with all the common sleep disorders. It helps even if you suffer from chronic insomnia.

Ease of use

Just touch its surface to switch it on and Dodow will turns off by itself once the cycle is finished. More than easy.


Absolutely great value for money. Sleeping pills, Yoga & Meditation and any other kind of therapy are way more expensive.


Above average with great knowledge base.

From $59.00 and additional quantity discounts up to 34% Off + Free Shipping (USA Only)

2. FIXD - Understand Your Engine Lights

FIXD is an easy to use engine diagnostic system. It comes in the form of a small sensor that you plug in the OBD2 (On Board Diagnostic 2) port of your car, and the FIXD App available for both Android and iOS devices.

FIXD works with any gasoline-powered vehicle (including hybrids) sold in the United States during or after 1996, and it's compatible with both gas and diesel vehicles sold outside of the United States that are 2006 and newer.

The FIXD App translate any engine alert in plain English, so you can understand what's going on with your car. It also give you a clear picture of your car's maintenance timeline, sending you reminders in the form of push notifications. Last but not least, it give you a cost estimation for every repair as well as for every maintenance.

FIXD is the best way to understand your car's engine lights and keep under control the life of your car. Giving you a clear cost estimation of each repair and maintenance, it allow you to avoid being cheated from mechanics and save several bucks.

Your Car Is Talking, Listen to It!


Easy to understand engine diagnostic, maintenance reminders and cost estimations. What to ask more?

Ease of use

Your car's diagnostic at your fingertips, with a very easy to use App.


Considering how much you can save on repairs and maintenance, it's a real steal.


Great answers and responsiveness.

From $59.00 and additional quantity discounts up to 34% Off + Free Shipping (USA Only)

3. XY4+ Locate Anything in Seconds using your Smartphone

Bluetooth Trackers have been around for some time now, and the most commons complains has always been about they weren't loud enough, their range wasn't that good as well as the battery life.

The XY4+ is a small Bluetooth Tracker has been designed and engineered to have twice the range, four times the volume and five times the battery life as other Bluetooth trackers!

It’s small enough to fit on your key ring, backpack, or even on your dog’s collar. The device itself is a thick plastic and it comes with a metal locking loop that will make it easy for you to connect the tracker to different objects. All in all, it’s a pretty simple design, but like so many things, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. It has great features such as 'KeepNear ™' that notifies you if you walk away from the device and the ability to find your phone by hitting the button the XY4+ device!

Once you've paired the XY4+ with the XY Find IT companion app, you're ready to go. You'll be able to find anything on seconds, and you know how easy it is to lose your stuff.

Having a XY4+ attached to your most important valuables gives you peace-of-mind knowing that you have a much better chance of safely getting them back.


This Bluetooth Tracker is really Loud! It's almost impossible not to hear it. The operational range is the best in class.

Ease of use

Simply plug-n-play and you're ready to go. The XY Find It app is really easy to use and give you updates in real time.


Considering that you can avoid to lose very important stuff, is real deal, especially if you buy a multi-pack.


It comes with a metal locking loop, so you can attach it to whatever you want. It's small and compact.

From $39.99 and additional quantity discounts up to 40% Off + Free Shipping (USA Only)

4. VIZR - Navigate WITHOUT Taking Your Eyes Off The Road!

VIZR is a dash mounted heads-up display (HUD) for cars that reflects your phone's screen on the transparent display to help you easily use turn-by-turn navigation WITHOUT obstructing your view.

HUD technology has been first implemented on fighters jets, to allow pilots to stay focused during their high-speed evolutions, yet have under control all the data necessary for a safe flight, in a non obstructive way. HUD display are now available in the most expensive and luxury cars, but thanks to VIZR you can have the same technology at a pretty affordable price.

VIZR is made from the makers of FIXD. With over 1 Million sensors sold, FIXD is the most trusted and effective consumer check engine light diagnostic tool on the market.

VIZR a cross between a high-tech gadget and serious safety feature. When paired with the FIXD App (and all other supported HUD Apps such as Hudway App) it displays key information, such as a car's speed and navigation directions, traffic conditions, and more. This prevents drivers from diverting their eyes from the road to look at their phone to view navigation.

VIZR helps you to get a safer drive and avoid accidents, thereby adds a layer of protection to you and your loved ones that wouldn't normally be there.


Top-notch design and ergonomics. It gives you all the navigation instructions, plus informations about traffic, speed and more.   

Ease of use

Easily adjustable to find the perfect spot for your sight.VIZR is really stable on the dash. Can't be easier.


It's impossible to get a better HUD for this price. HUD technology is today available from all major car makers for several hundred bucks.


Coming from the makers of FIXD is a guarantee for great answers and responsiveness.

From $39.99 and additional quantity discounts up to 34% Off + Free Shipping (USA Only)

5. ThePhotoStick - Safely & Easily Backup All Your Memories in Minutes.

ThePhotoStick is a small USB thumbdrive that instantly backs up your priceless memories WITHOUT the frustration of searching and organizing them yourself!

You just have to plug it on your computer, hit the "GO" green button, and ThePhotoStick will scan your computer looking for any photo and videos, then once compared with what already stored on ThePhotoStick, it will backup everything in minutes.

It works with any computer (Windows, Mac and Linux) and there's really anything on the market that does such job better.

ThePhotoStick is perfect for anyone, especially those that aren't really tech savvy or that don't have the time and patience to go through all his/her memories and backup them manually. 

Backup ALL Your Photos & Videos In ONE Click!


It's a simple yet powerful photo & video back system. It finds and removes duplicates automatically.

Ease of use

Backing up your memories has never been that easy.


There are several versions to suit anybody and the price point is totally worth to what you get.


Simply great. It gets the job done quickly and safely.

From $34.99 and additional quantity discounts up to 50% Off + Free Shipping (USA Only)

6. Peeps - How To Clean Your Glasses In A Better Way

Peeps is a small and compact eyeglasses cleaning tool that works in any condition (heat, humidity and cold). Its cleaning power, comes from a revolutionary Carbon Molecular Technology, that's the only cleaning technology used on the International Space Station. It's a completely all natural and eco-friendly product.

You've most probably tried any kind of product, including those that are considered more effective, like Lens Cleaning Wipes and Lens Cleaning Sprays (with Microfiber Cloth), but you always ended up to stop using them, because they aren't practical, easy to carry nor that effective.

With Peeps you can say good-bay to all those ineffective and unpractical cleaning methods.  The advanced carbon microfiber pads thoroughly clean the entire surface of your lenses and softly remove nasty dirt and dust, at a microscopic level, leaving your lenses stunningly clear. Even better, the Carbon Molecular Technology also repels dirt and oil, protecting your glasses.

Peeps have sold over 1.5 million units in the USA, and this kind of success doesn't happen by chance.


It get the job done very well. We couldn't expect any better. Its cleaning power last over 500 times.

Ease of use

In 2 easy steps you can clean your glasses as never before.


Glasses are expensive therefore the price is totally worth to clean and protect your glasses in the better way.


Small and compact, so you can carry Peeps anywhere. It's not affected from heat, humidity or cold, so it works anywhere.

From $19.99 and additional quantity discounts up to 50% Off + Free Shipping (USA Only)

7. Xtra-PC - Make Your Computer Like New Again

Xtra-PC is a small USB device that you plug into an old, slow or dead computer (Windows or Mac) to give it new life. Basically, it’s a custom operating system, based on the proven foundation of Linux, that runs directly from the Xtra-PC USB device, and it even works on computers with a missing or crashed hard drive.

If you are tired to wait for your computer to catch up, Xtra-PC is the perfect solution. You won't be able to compete with a sparkling new Mac or Windows 10 machine, but your old computer will definitely start working again, most probably faster than when it was brand new.

Xtra-PC is the right answer, also for those looking for a way to breath new life into their old computer that's just collecting dust. You will be able to get them working again and do all your usual tasks. It's a great opportunity to have spare computers ready to go, so your kids will stop hogging yours.

Over 150,000 people brought back to a blazing fast life their Old PC, now it's your turn.

Make Your Old Computer Like New Again - A Blazing Fast Machine!


Really well packed. You get everything you need, as long as you don't want to run very specific software. Since it's based on Linux, it's practically Virus Proof.

Ease of use

As easy as drinking a glass of water. Just follow 3 easy steps and your computer will be working again in less than 10 minutes.


Great value for money. If you're geek enough, you can make your own and save some bucks, but the effort doesn't really pay off.


Some delays, but on average.

From $34.99 (30% Off Retail Price)

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